Mediations and Arbitrations

More and more parties to lawsuits look to mediation and arbitration, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution, in an effort to efficiently and economically resolve their disputes.  Mediation affords parties an opportunity to voluntarily settle a case, keeping the ultimate decision within their own control.  Arbitration differs from mediation in that it is binding.  But mediation and arbitration share one important feature -- both allow the parties to efficiently bring their dispute to an end without many of the expenses that come with full-blown litigation.

The lawyers of Perry, Balhoff, Mengis & Burns have served as mediators, arbitrators, and neutrals, both by agreement of the parties and by court appointment.  Their experience ranges from relatively small matters to multi-billion dollar class  actions.  John Perry, Bubby Burns, Dan Balhoff, and Jonathon Perry provide mediation and arbitration services through both Perry, Balhoff, Mengis & Burns and Perry Dampf Dispute Solutions.

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John Perry prepares for a mediation with Dan Balhoff.